Happy Holiday Travel Tips: 6 Ways to Stay Safe on the Road This Thanksgiving

Happy holiday travel isn’t easy to come by. However, if you follow just a few simple rules, your holiday travels this year can be smooth, easy and fun.

Make Sure Your Gas Tank Is Full.

Before you head out on the road, the first thing you want to do is ensure you have a full tank of gas. The last thing you want is to have to stop halfway there or about 50 miles down the road because you didn’t top off your tank before you left.

Be Prepared for an Emergency.

If you’re traveling a few hours away from your home, you want to make sure that you have the proper equipment, tools and items in your car in the event of an emergency. You want to make sure you have a first-aid kit, spare tire, jack, Fix-a-Flat, flashlight, several bottles of water, a few snacks and anything else you can think of that might make things more comfortable if you’re stuck waiting for a tow truck for an hour or longer. Although heavy snowfall, icy roads and severely cold weather isn’t something you have to worry about, it doesn’t hurt to have a blanket in the trunk.

Big ValleyBe Extremely Patient.

It’s inevitable that you are going to run into traffic. Thanksgiving is a busy time of year, and others are going to be traveling to see their loved ones, just as you are. Therefore, you may want to consider driving early in the morning and/or late at night to try and miss the bulk of the traffic. This will help ensure that you don’t have to be in the car longer than necessary and minimize the stress that you have to endure.

Always, Always Buckle Up!

Do not leave your driveway until you and everyone inside the vehicle has buckled up correctly. Children should be properly secured in a car seat, if necessary.

Take a Defense Driving Course.

To help make the drive go more smoothly, it may not hurt to take a defensive driving course to learn a few defensive driving techniques. This will help you learn how to manage certain conditions that you may experience on the road. You may be surprised at just how helpful one of these courses can be before you set out on the road.

Stay Focused and Alert.

When driving, stay alert and focused at all times. Be aware of all of your surroundings, and minimize distractions inside the car. This will minimize your risk of being involved in an accident. If you are involved in an accident and are fully alert, you will be able to react quickly, possibly saving everyone inside your vehicle’s lives.

Holiday traveling isn’t easy. However, you can make it go smoothly with the aforementioned happy holiday travel tips. Be safe, and have a wonderful holiday!

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